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Meet the Catalyst Semifinalists: PROTXX


After two severe concussions, PROTXX founder John Ralston’s daughter was forced to stop playing soccer during her eighth grade season. Seeing firsthand the impact a head injury took on a family member, John was inspired to help others keep safe while playing sports like his daughter.

From there, John created the PROTXX physiological tremor sensor (PTS), a wearable device that enables precision assessments of impairments to multiple physiological systems resulting from sports and other head impact injuries.

The PROTXX PTS can improve the management of more than just concussions. Other medical conditions that cause impairments to multiple physiological systems – strokes, Parkinson’s disease, elderly frailty and more – present similar challenges for preventative intervention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The PROTXX PTS can be worn unobtrusively behind the ear by users of any age, and in any athletic, clinical, industrial, or military environment to provide key readings and share information to manage fatigue, impairment, injury and disease.

In addition to quantifying the severity and duration of multiple physiological impairments, the PROTXX sensor also serves as a head impact dosimeter, warning when neural tissue deformations from multiple head impact injuries approach levels that could lead to permanent damage.

PROTXX PTS assessments can be done based on a one-minute non-invasive standing postural stability test, allowing rapid classification of healthy vs. impaired individuals over a wide age range. The PROTXX PTS connects with the PROTXX mobile app to allow sensor tests to be administered by non-expert operators in less than one minute to one test subject, or simultaneously to multiple test subjects.

PROTXX, founded in 2016, is headquartered in California, with a clinical office in Sacramento and customers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Japan.

We are thrilled to have PROTXX as a Catalyst semifinalists!

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