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Meet the Catalyst Semifinalists: CareBand


Titus Cornell

A conversation between founder Adam Sobol and his father, a geriatrician, sparked the idea for CareBand, a wearable device that uses wireless networks to help caregivers track and monitor the health and wellbeing of seniors living with dementia.

While researching the problems faced by those impacted by dementia, Adam did not have to look far to find that most people had a story to share. From his friend who went to lunch with their grandmother only to return from the bathroom to discover she wasn’t where they left her to a family acquaintance who woke up at night to find his wife was not next to him, harrowing stories were common for people living with the disease.

After hearing these personal accounts, Adam’s father, who worked with thousands of seniors over the course of his career, asked a what-if question: how could we use technology to help people living with dementia who wander and get lost? From that discussion CareBand was born, and the Illinois-based company now has pilot programs running or planned in northern Minnesota, rural Indiana, and Chicago.

Motivated by his friends’ and family’s experiences, Adam used his technological savvy to develop a wearable device that is “simple and reliable” and suits the needs of this vulnerable community.

CareBand is an Internet of Things (IoT) wearable specifically developed for dementia-related care and supervision. Adam realized that location monitoring capabilities were a necessity for caregivers, which is why CareBand tracks the indoor and outdoor locations of the wearer in real time while monitoring changes in certain health and behavioral conditions. CareBand’s software then analyzes a patient’s behavior to establish predictive patterns that can be used by caregivers to better understand and care for an individual.

With a focus on rural and low to middle-income communities, CareBand incorporates emerging technologies with eldercare and brings the benefits of connected wearables to the communities that need them the most. We are thrilled to have CareBand as a Catalyst Semifinalist and look forward to seeing how this innovative device improves the quality of life for America’s seniors.



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