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August 17, 2020

Do Good With Your Device

CTIA Wireless Foundation is Advancing Positive Social Impact via Wireless Technology

Do Good With Your Device


Originally published in The Philanthropy Issue, Town & Country, Summer 2020 as a philanthrotech advertisement.

Cellphones, smartwatches, and other wireless technologies are at the center of modern life. They are our maps, heart rate monitors, wallets, entertainment, and connection to those we love. They can do all of this and more because the wireless networks that power them are a platform for innovation.

More than 25 years ago, wireless industry leaders founded CTIA Wireless Foundation to foster the responsible and inclusive use of wireless technology for good in American communities. Since then, the Foundation has been at the forefront of social innovation delivered by mobile technology.

Wireless has progressed drastically over the last two decades as we’ve advanced smartphones, wearable devices, VR headsets, and more. CTIA Wireless Foundation has evolved alongside wireless and social innovations, while  always keeping the mission of ‘wireless for good’ at the forefront.

We are at the cusp of incredible social innovation fueled by wireless technology. CTIA Wireless Foundation aspires to have an impact on the way social entrepreneurs use wireless to achieve good.
Dori Kreiger, Executive Director

Just as we couldn’t imagine using apps to get seats to a Broadway show or to track our daily steps, we can’t predict the incredible potential of wireless to continue to transform people’s lives. That’s where social entrepreneurs come in.

CTIA Wireless Foundation believes in the promise and power of social entrepreneurs to tackle and solve our most challenging issues using wireless.

The Foundation supports early-stage social entrepreneurs through its flagship program: Catalyst. A competitive grants program for social entrepreneurs, Catalyst accelerates wireless innovation for health and wellness. From remote health care to IoT devices, Catalyst organizations are using wireless to address issues including veteran mental health, opioid addiction, and dementia.

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