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CTIA Wireless Foundation and Fast Forward Form New Partnership


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Dori Kreiger
Executive Director

Earlier this year, CTIA Wireless Foundation laid out a new goal for its future programs: to embrace the wireless industry’s spirit of entrepreneurship and the transformational power of 5G.

As we bring this new area focus to life, I am proud to announce our new partnership with Fast Forward. Fast Forward is a San Francisco-based organization that invests in entrepreneurs who are using technology to create social impact. They work with tech nonprofits– tech startups that build original software or hardware to scale social impact instead of financial profit—to bridge the tech and social sectors and equip organizations with the funding and resources they need to scale their operations.

In pursuit of their mission to accelerate good, Fast Forward created their flagship Accelerator program, which works to connect tech nonprofits to seed funding, mentors, peer communities, and fundraising opportunities. Now in its sixth year, Fast Forward recently announced the 2019 Accelerator cohort, a group of 21 rising entrepreneurs leading 10 solution-focused tech nonprofits.

Throughout the summer, the cohort will receive:

  • Three months of training
  • Three demo days, where they will have the opportunity to pitch to 600+ philanthropists
  • Mentorship from 100+ advisors from the tech and social sectors
  • $25,000 in unrestricted funding
  • Support from Accelerator partners (like the Foundation!)

This year, 90% of the organizations in the Accelerator have a woman co-founder and 80% have a co-founder who is a person of color. We are excited to support this cohort, which includes:

  • Almost Fun SAT: An app fusing pop culture with SAT prep to make studying a little more fun
  • Ample Labs: A chatbot that finds meals, shelter, drop-ins, and clothing for people facing homelessness
  • CoachMe: A mobile health coach for low-income women with cardiovascular disease
  • Discriminology: A platform focused on providing equality data about public schools to spur community action
  • FreeFrom: A digital platform connecting domestic violence survivors with financial compensation
  • Gladeo: A digital media platform that fosters career exploration for young people with diverse backgrounds
  • Good Call: 24/7 hotline providing free legal support to the arrested and their loved ones
  • Hikma Health: A personalized healthcare delivery platform for refugees
  • OpenAQ: An open-source platform leveraging open data and open-source tools to fight global air inequality
  • QUIPU: A digital bartering platform for informal economies in Latin America

The Foundation is thrilled to join Fast Forward as a partner and help these tech nonprofits scale their organizations. I look forward to meeting these entrepreneurs and seeing the exciting ways they use technology to make a positive impact!

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